Warehouse Inspection Report
Date of Inspection (DD/MM/YYYY)
Name & Address Of Contractor/Carrier
Ward Moving & Storage Co.,
P.O. Box 33655
Cocoa, FL 32924-0000
Address of Warehouse
324 Clearlake Road
Cocoa, FL 32924-0000
F/S Class
5. Contract Reference Number
6. Status A
7. Current Contract Or Tender Of Service On File:
8. Pre and Post Storage Services
9. Administration
10. Storage Methods & Operation
10. (Cont'D)
11. Fire Prevention and Housekeeping
12. Warehouse Practices
13. Deficiencies Observed/Actions Taken Based On Quality Control Rating Raw Score
Send Notice of Corrective Action To:
Mail: HQ, SDDC, SMO, 1 Soldier Way, BLDG 1900W, Room 3032, Scott AFB, IL 62225
Email: usarmy.scott.sddc.mbx.pp-smo@mail.mil
Ph: 618-220-6292 / 1-800-852-8242
Fax: 618-220-6055
For Further Business As of
14. Document Files Checked
15. Lot Numbers Checked
Remarks: COMM (321) 636-3331 FAX (321) 636-0044 E-Mail: wardmove@aol.com
** In your written response (by letter & number to corrective actions, please provide actions you have put in place to prevent the violations from occurring in the future by
16. Signature & Title of Contractor/Carrier Representative
17. Signature of Department of Defense Inspector
DD FORM 1812, SEP 1998